Color Coated Profile Sheets Manufacturer

Pushpak Infrastructure is the best Color coated profile sheets manufacturer Company in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We provide a huge collection of color roofing sheets all over India at competitive prices.
The color coated profile sheets manufacturer is the sheets with the color coating on the metal surface. These profile sheets are manufactured by cold-rolling technology and are hot-dipped galvanized by zinc. The surface of colour coating of profile sheets depends on the specific requirements. We present these Color coated profile sheets manufacturer in various colors such as dark brown, dark red, red, red, brown, southern green, fern green, copper metallic, white, etc.
The color coated profile sheets present qualitative rage of Color coated profile sheets that is available in exact design and construction standards so that customers can match fully with specifications as per the demand. Designed under the guidance of professionals, we ensure that these Color coated profile sheets are strictly developed in compliance with the defined industrial guidelines so that better grade base material can be used for better service life standards.

Manufacturing of color coated profile sheet

The color coated profile sheets are manufactured by cold rolling working process which prevents the shrinkage of these sheets. Then through the hot dipped galvanization process, these profile sheets are galvanized with zinc. After this, these Color coated profile sheets is coated with different colors.

Applications of color coated profile sheets

  • Storage space buildings or storehouse
  • Display Hall
  • Sports center
  • Glass residences
  • Domestic roofing
  • Business buildings
  • Manufacturing building
  • Shopping center

Advantages of color coated profile sheets:

  • Lightweight: These Color coated profile sheets use steel or aluminum as the base material, so sheets are weigh less in weight and thus put minimal pressure on the roofs or floors.
  • Water resistant: Coating on these color coated profile sheets is of standard thickness which does not allow water to sink.
  • Weatherproof: In extreme weather conditions like wind, rains and also they are stronger on their condition without being damaged.
  • Excessive loading capacity: All color coated profile sheets are good in tensile strength, which helps to withstand heavy load without damage.
  • Attractive appearance: Available in beautiful colors and designs and are very attractive to look.
  • Green and environmental: The colors and other materials used in these color coated profile sheets is environmentally friendly and have no harmful effects on the environment.
  • Economical: These leaflets are very economical and can thus save a lot of extra costs like installation cost and maintenance costs.

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