Color Coated Sheets manufacturer

Pushpak Infra Steel is the best color coated sheets manufacturer Company in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We provide a huge collection of color coated sheets all over India at competitive prices.
There are thick coatings of colors on metal sheets. A wide range of colors are applied to the roofing sheets to provide these enhance the reflective properties of roofing sheets as well as beauty.

Manufacturing of Color Coated Sheets

The materials used for color coated sheets are metals like steel, aluminum or alloy, on which a thick layer of color is coated on the entire surface. The colors used in these color coated sheets is opaque for light rays and they have excellent reflective properties. To improve the color glass cover, a layer of enamel is also placed on these sheets.

Advantages of color coated sheets:

In addition to providing an aesthetic look to roof, while enhancing their life. Different colors have different reflective properties, and for the appropriate purposes, the most suitable colors are chosen from them. By selecting the appropriate coating thickness, corrosion and further damage of roof can be avoided.

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