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What is colour coated roofing sheets?

The process of color coating of steel according to EN 10169:2010 is a ‘process in which an organic coating material is applied on rolled metal strip in a continuous process which includes cleaning, if necessary, and chemical pre-treatment of the metal surface and either one side or two sides, single or multiple application of (liquid) paints or coating powders which are consequently cured or/and laminating with permanent plastic films’.

Colour coatings are paint coatings and are specialised products used to provide the steel long term shield under a wide range of corrosive conditions, extending from atmospheric exposure to full immersion in strongly corrosive solutions. A colour coating adds one more layer of protection to the substrate steel add little strength and integrity.

Colour coating of steel is a continuous and highly automated industrial process for efficient coating of steel coil. In this process of application of the color coating, the substrate steel gets the shielding and decorative coating. This type of colour coating known as the duplex coating.

Pre-painted Galvanised Iron (PPGI) is manufactured from a high strength of 550 MPa steel. It provides greater strength than any other ordinary steel roof and wall cladding material. It also has a great spanning capability that has resulted in providing improved design freedom. It exhibits an amazing corrosion resistance and comes with better uplift performance.

Color Coated Corrugated Sheets are manufactured by using Alu-Zinc coated plate (PPGL) as the raw material, combined with high-quality paint. With imported production lines, we can produce an adequate amount of steel corrugated sheets as aesthetics, good quality, and lightweight, high strength product to satisfy large scale market demands as well as to model structure. Trapezoidal Profile sheets are excellent for Roofing and Cladding.

Strippable Guard film :

Strippable film (optional) is applied to Colour coated galvanized sheets & (PPGI) pre-painted galvalume steel sheets to protect them during transportation and roll forming. Where present, strippable film usually remains on the pre-painted steel product through roll-forming, transportation, and installation but should be removed within a maximum of two weeks after fixing. If allowed to remain on pre-painted steel for an extended period, strippable film can be difficult to remove, especially when the effects of exposure make the film brittle. Leaving the film on for extended periods may also damage the sheet by inhibiting dust in the gaps near the edge or where ever there is a tear in the film.

Benefits of using colour coated roofing sheets for roofing

Lightweight - The most color coated sheet is made of Aluminium and it is one the lightest available commercial metals with a density only a third of steel or copper. Since most colour-coated sheets are made of aluminium, they are both lightweight but have a strong and sturdy structure versus other roofing sheet materials. It is assumed that roofing sheets that are coated with colours have extra weight on them. However, this assumption is completely false as such sheets are light in weight. They can be easily transported from one corner to the other without causing any damage to the material.

Fire-resistant - As most color coated sheets are made of aluminium, they are non-combustible and have a Class-A fire rating. This makes them safe to use for homes, gardens, warehouses, factories, etc.

Weatherproof - When exposed to air, aluminium sheets develop a thin layer of aluminium oxide. This makes them resistant to corrosion and rusting. So you can be sure your colour coated roofs won’t fade when exposed to rain, heavy winds or bright sunlight. Colour coated sheets are coated with different colours via a chemical process. This ensures they retain they’re colour and shine for a long time. Weather adaptability – Such sheets adapt to harsh weather conditions. It is suitable during strong summers and chilled winters. No matter which part of the world the customer is, color coated sheets are sure to prove beneficial to customers worldwide.

Highly durable - A corrugated aluminium roofing sheet is highly durable. They have a high tensile strength at low temperatures, are thermal-friendly and retain their toughness through all kinds of weather. These sheets can also bear heavy loads without getting damaged. Because they last longer than traditional steel roofing sheets, you save money in the long run.

Easy to Work With - Colour coated roofing sheets has the benefit of delivering a combination of lightweight and high strength. Over and above this, the material is extremely durable. These properties contribute to short construction time and easy handling on the construction site. The material is the perfect choice for renovation and extensions.

Easy to install - As colour coated sheets are lightweight, they are extremely easy to install. Unlike other sheets, they don’t bend and don’t exert pressure on roofs.

Eco-friendly - Only three to five percent of the original energy used to produce the colour coated sheets is needed for recycling. Aluminium also has a very low melting point, so recycling them becomes easy. Colour coated sheets provide safe and sustainable climate protection with very low maintenance costs. They will protect your building for many decades and at the end of its lifetime, the steel can be re-melted and processed into new steel products. Steel is 100% recyclable without losing any of its quality. Thus, steel is a sustainable solution, both from an environmental and economic point of view.

Energy reflective and safe - Colour coated sheets today have a galvalume coating, which is an aluminium-zinc alloy. These sheets combine the strength of steel with the anti-corrosive property of aluminium and the durability of zinc. As a result, these color coated sheets are an effective energy-saving solution as they reflect heat and thus cut back on your cooling costs. You can also be assured that your roof will not catch fire in the event of a lightning strike, nor will the colour crack or peel when subjected to the elements.

Enhanced Aesthetics - Colour coated roofing sheets dramatically increase the aesthetic value of every building as they come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. This makes them suitable for hotels, resorts, airport hangers, restaurants, offices, decorative walling purposes, etc. When a roof is painted with colours it naturally looks attractive and appealing. Roofing sheets adapt to harsh weather conditions including heavy rains. Its average lifespan ranges from 15 to 25 years. It is only after such a long duration that such roofing sheets require further checks and maintenance. It has excellent resistance to unwanted damage and tears. The majority of roofing sheets available in the market are as per international standards. Roofing sheets are found in several colours. Navy blue, poppy red, light grey, and olive green have always been customer’s favorite.

Resistance against Corrosion – Roofing sheets are corrosion resistant, which means such sheets will never have an unwanted reaction to adverse elements. Corrosion is the process of converting refined metal into a chemically-stable form. It harms the entire product; therefore, colour coated sheets are preferred among other sheets available.

Easily customised – Colour coated sheets are easy to install. They are manufactured at factories and carried to places wherever installation is required. Portable cabin manufacturers optimise these sheets as per their likes. It can be designed as per client requirements.

Excellent ventilation – Colours ensure the right amount of air and sunlight to pass through the sheet. It does not block ventilation, but on the contrary, gives way to an adequate quantity of air required to keep interiors ventilated.

Leakage-proof – Manufacturers of colour coated roofing sheets provide a warranty against all kinds of leakages. Clients can be confident of having leakage proof roofs even during heavy rain and snow conditions.

Recyclable – It is easy to recycle roofing sheets that are coated with colors. It is the best way to reuse the same product for decades together. The sheet is converted to various items used by customers on a day-to-day basis.

The applications of the colour coated steel roofing sheets:

Portable cabin: Portable cabin manufacturers add extra charm to their buildings using different vibrant color coated sheets to the roof. It gives it a unique look that makes customers get attracted to it. It is one of the best ways of driving customer attention. Such sheets are mostly made out of copper, stainless steel and aluminium. They have a standard thickness of 0.50mm to 0.60mm. Both sides of the sheets are coated with alkali wash that keeps the sheet intact for years.

Roofing sheets are used for making pre-engineered buildings, portable cabins, industrial sheds, and other purposes. The basic idea of a roof is to provide an extra layer of protection for garages, shopping malls, residential apartments, car parking, warehouse, and agricultural units.

Advantages of color coated sheets:

In addition to providing an aesthetic look to roof, while enhancing their life. Different colors have different reflective properties, and for the appropriate purposes, the most suitable colors are chosen from them. By selecting the appropriate coating thickness, corrosion and further damage of roof can be avoided.

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