Floor Decking Sheets manufacturer

Pushpak Infra Steel is a Floor decking sheets manufacturer Company in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We provide a huge collection of Floor decking sheets all over India at competitive prices.
The Floor decking sheets is used as building floors of building structures. These ornamental sheets are very helpful in changing the interior of the houses, balconies or other building structures easily and quickly. Floor deck is temporary platforms, which can be easily changed according to the requirements. To create a new level within the building, these figurative sheets are needed for a strong construction.

Composition Floor Decking Sheets:

The floor decking sheets are manufactured by using steel, wood, fiber mainly as the original material of these decorative sheets. The steel used is mostly galvanized and rolled in different sizes according to the requirement.

Advantages of floor decking sheets manufacturer:

  • Easy to collect and can be effortlessly placed or restored in this way.
  • Plenty of loading capability which allows too much weight.
  • High concentration.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Keep good dimensional stability
  • Combustion proof.
  • Less safeguarding is required

Applications of floor decking sheets manufacturer:

  • Outdoor: roof arrangement, stand, courtyard, and recreational area, a surface sheet of a terrace, a skylight, door, garage door, refrigerated carriage, and backyard community and roller secure entrance and so on.
  • Indoor: Interior beautification of the door, isolator, doorway passage, hallway, residence light steel structure, covering and sliding flap, folding partition, sealing, restroom and veranda.

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