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Pushpak Infra Steel is a Metal floor decking sheets manufacturer in Pune,India. We provide a huge collection of Metal floor decking sheets all over India at competitive prices.

Our valued customers can take advantage of qualitative metal floor decking sheets at affordable prices. Developed with high-grade basic materials and advanced technology, these metal floor decking sheets is in line with the industry's established quality standards and consequently, meeting the expectations of customers. Apart from this, to deal with the defined parameters of the industry, we present these metal floor decking sheets in different sizes and colors.

Manufacturing of metal floor decking sheets:

Metal floor decking sheets are made of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, zinc galvanized steel, and they are widely used in the form of strong and durable platforms for flooring, roofs, etc. Metal floor decking sheets is used as a valuable part of construction because they are helpful. Including Excessive Costs In industries, in high buildings, houses, these sheets are very much liked.

Advantages of metal floor decking sheets :-

  • Metal floor decking sheets can provide a strong framework that eliminates the use of a different structure for slab casting.
  • Less concrete use: Being tensile in strength, these slab thickness and reducing the dead weight of buildings is useful for building overall slab. Therefore this Metal floor decking sheets can offer good stability and reduce the cost of construction.
  • Reduces fixing period as they can be easily installed and fit.
  • With compact and simple designs, these Metal floor decking sheets helps to maximize adequate space storage usage
  • The cost of construction can be reduced by using these Metal floor decking sheets
  • These Metal floor decking sheets is specially designed in view of their safety.
  • These Metal floor decking sheets is manufactured in compliance with the global fire safety parameters and hence are fireproof.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized zinc solution provides excellent protection from corrosion and thus maintaining these sheets is very easy.
  • Easy combination: Unlike conventional support molds, these decorative metal floor decking sheets is more convenient to assemble without using additional techniques

Applications of Metal Decking Sheets:
  • Skyscrapers
  • Multiplex / Commercial Building
  • Power Plant Building
  • Office buildings
  • Majenine flooring in industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Steel deck on the Rankin floor
  • Power ProjectsPower Projects
  • Industrial Building Multipurpose Buildings

Features of Metal Floor Decking Sheets:
  • Tolerance
  • Dimensional constancy
  • Watertight
  • Superior end
  • UV confined

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