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Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are made of polycarbonate polymers which are durable, high impact resistant, low scratch resistant and heat resistant. With good insulation properties and excellent UV protection, these sheets are the perfect way to enhance home and outdoor living spaces.

Material of Construction:

These sheets are made of polycarbonate polymers which have excellent impact resistance, light transmission properties and are light in weight. To maintain the durability of these sheets, the sheets are thick and tempered and are laminated using appropriate materials.


  • Household cladding
  • Agricultural units
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial roofing


  • Widely preferred for excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Highly resistant to impact damage
  • These polymer sheets have unique properties to allow transmission of light which can be ideally used as skylight
  • Able to maintain long-lasting looks as these sheets are resistant to yellowing due to UV light
  • Fire proof
  • Fully UV-protected on both sides for long-term installation
  • Resistant to corrosion due to excellent anti-corrosive properties of these sheets
  • Easy to install, and it requires less time
  • Provides proper ventilation

Dimensions and Color:

  • Thickness : Standard thickness is available in 0.50mm (TCT). It is also available in thickness of 0.60mm (TCT)
  • Color : Polycarbonate sheets with their availability in various color ranges like brown, poppy red, merlin grey, blue, olive green or light grey are well known for aesthetic appeal
  • Shapes : The sheets are available in trapezoidal and sinusoidal profiles.
  • Length : As per the requirement


These sheets are available in different panels like :

  • Clear- allows the more light and can be the best roofing during hot summer.
  • Bronze - Sheds odd light underneath it
  • Opaque - lets very less light and can be the superior part of roofing during hottest days. Also, it helps the protection against UV rays.

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