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It is the best roofing sheets manufacturer company in pune, Maharashtra, India. The roofing sheets are used as an external envelope for the walls and roofs of various buildings and structures. Roofing sheets lightweight and easy to installed especially in industrial roofing. Being durable in strength, this Roofing sheets also very suitable for as buildings material and can be the ideal material for the renovation of old roofs. Roofing sheets manufacturer use a range of materials, each known for their varying properties and applications on different types of roofs like industrial roof frequently takes a beating, above and beyond the normal wear and tear endured by residential properties. Choosing the right roofing sheets can increase the longevity and persistence of your roof. Plastic and metal are the two most common types of roofing sheets, but bitumen, polystyrene, and fibre cement are other roofing choices.

Plastic Roofing sheets

Plastic roofing sheets include polycarbonate, acrylic, polystyrene, and PVC. These sheets can be completely transparent, or more obscure for added privacy. Plastic sheet panels like polycarbonate sheets can let light into areas if the rest of the panels are opaque. Plastic sheets are easy to clean, lightweight, long-lasting, cost-effective and easy to install. Some shortcomings of plastic roofing sheets include their less visually appealing aesthetic opposed to textured metal sheets. These sheets are the least preferred option for roofing applications in most places. As their toughness is not comparable than other types of roofing sheets, they are chiefly used as garden sheds or for covering temporary structures. As the quality of plastic increases, simultaneously the price of the roofing sheets increases. This raises the overall cost of the installation of plastic sheets.

Cost: The prices of plastic roofing sheets usually vary in the range of /sqm to /sqm

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are extensively used in industrial and large-scale commercial buildings in India. These plastic corrugated roof sheets have outstanding insulation properties and high impact strength which make them suitable for the above applications. Completely weather-resistant, easy to install and extremely durable, polycarbonate sheets are commonly called transparent steel and available in various textures and styles. Their maintenance cost is very low and they can also be used as effective roofing solutions in places such as swimming pool areas, sky lighting, walkways, and display signboards.

Foam-backed polycarbonate and clear polycarbonate roofing options are the most commonly used types of polycarbonate sheets.

  • Foam-backed polycarbonate roof sheets are lightweight and durable. They are installed in industrial buildings, like warehouses, because of their longevity and strength. Homeowner uses them to build sheds, carports, and roofs with a minimal slope.
  • Clear polycarbonate sheets are installed in yards, sunrooms, and places that need natural light through the roof. These roofing panels often feature protective film layers for filtering out harmful UV rays of the sun.

Other common polycarbonate sheets are Solid And Textured Sheets, Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets, Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets manufactured from best-quality high-impact polypropylene resins, polycarbonate sheets are UV-resistant and fire-resistant. Oppose to metals, these roofing sheets aren’t scratch-resistant. Therefore, installers have to be very cautious while going about their installation.

Cost: The price of plastic roofing sheets usually vary in the range of

Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal roofing sheets are usually made of steel, zinc, Aluminium, Copper, Tin, and mixture smaller amount other metals. They are usually coated in zinc, chromate, acrylic or stone granules, depending on whether the manufacturer wants a smooth or textured finish. Metal roofing sheets are incredibly durable, resulting in a long-life cycle of roofing. They are also environmentally friendly, as they are often made from recycled materials. Metal Sheets are good in insulating & dampening the noise of rain and offers a textured or smooth finish. Metal roof sheets are generally more expensive in the short-term compared to other roofing materials.

They can be customized to create rooftops varying based on their price, durability, style, energy efficiency, longevity, and aesthetic value. Available in a plethora of styles, textures, and colours, they are less curvy than corrugated roofing sheets.

Metal roofing sheets possess high insulating capabilities and can be used in the construction of backyards, garden buildings, garages, household cladding, and industrial roofs. Metal roofing panels can withstand high winds, snow, hail, torrential rains, and fire.

Cost: The average price of metal roofing sheets usually vary in the range of ₹ 49/kg to ₹ 60/kg.

Metal Roofing Types and Options

The demand for metal roofing is often due to its versatility, varied choices, and the ability to be customised for individual structure, which includes color, shape, style, etc.

Types of Metal Roofing Materials

Metal is a general term when it comes to roofing, chiefly because there are nearly 100 metals on the periodic table of elements. Some of the most commonly used metal roofing materials in the industry are:
  • Galvalume coated steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Copper

All of these metals are good options, but there are different pros and cons associated with each one. Make sure to check all metal roofing materials to settle on the best roofing option for your location, style, and requirements.

1. Corrugated Metal Sheets

Corrugated metal roofs are a classic metal roofing style and have been around for a long time while standing the test of time. This is a common on many industrial, commercial & residential roofs and can be credited with “original” metal roofing. Corrugated metal panels are often galvanized and used on commercial buildings, restaurants, retail establishments. Corrugated metal roofs integrate well with fiberglass, polycarbonate skylight panels with similar patterns and structural designs.

Corrugated roofing sheets have a unique repetitive wavy structure with ridges and grooves on their surface this shape offers stronger & enhanced strength with years of uninterrupted utility like agricultural roofs.

The corrugated shape can equip the flimsy and lightweight metals like aluminium to undergo decades of weather beating. As per the pollution levels prevailing where they are installed, corrugated sheets have to be maintained for every 5-10 years. Fully durable and eco-friendly, these roofing sheets are ideally used for protecting garages, porches, and sheds.

  • Galvanised steel sheets form the base material for different types of corrugated sheets, such as the ones coated with polyester paint or protected by PVC plastisol coated roofing sheets.
  • Agricultural buildings frequently use polyester painted sheets because of their average life cycle and budgetary efficiency.
  • PVC Plastisol coated corrugated sheets are long-lasting. They contain steel sheets treated with primer paint and PVC rolled on their surface, in effect make a scratch-resistant surface and typically can last for around 25-30 years

Cost: The average price of corrugated metal Profile Sheets ₹ 52/sqm.

2. Metal Profile Sheets

Metal profile roofing sheets are used to build efficient, reliable and cost-efficient envelopes of industrial, commercial residential buildings in India. They have evolved from the single coat metal cladding often associated with agricultural buildings to multi-layer systems for industrial and leisure application. Metal profile sheets due to their versatility, mechanical and design properties can be used as roof and roof cladding, as external walls and wall cladding and also as floors decking. They are used in industry and the residential sector, and the two sectors can be used in both new construction and restoration. Some of the metal profile sheets are used:

  • Color Coated Profile Sheets
  • Composite Deck Profile Sheets
  • Galvalume Profile Sheets
  • Corrugated Profiles Sheet
  • Tile Profile Sheets
  • Trapezoidal Profile Roofing Sheets
  • Steel Deck Profile Sheets

Cost: The average price of metal Profile Sheets is ₹ 52/sqm.

3. Colour Coated sheets

The Colour Coated roofing sheets are a type of roofing sheets that comes in different colors depending on choice and usage. Colour coatings are paint coatings and are specialty products, which give the steel long term protection under an extensive range of corrosive conditions, extending from atmospheric exposure to full immersion in strongly corrosive substances (like bird poop). A colour coating adds little strength to the steel layer, yet it shields the steel so that its strength and integrity can be maintained.

These color roofing sheets are available in various profiles & colors such as Marilyn Gray, Olive Green, Poppy Red, Swampy Green, Swan-Feather, Gray or Solvent Blue.

Cost: The average price of colour coated sheets is ₹ 52/kg.

Decking Sheets

Decking Sheets are uniform surfaces or decks able to supporting flooring and roofing sheets, connected to the outer or inner part of a building structure, help to reduce concentrated loading effect of roofing on the building structures by distributing of load equally. Decking sheets are primarily used for,

  • Metal Floor Decking Sheets
  • Roof decking sheets

Cost: The average price of Metal decking sheets is ₹ 49/kg.

Insulated Sheets & Panels

    Thermal & Sound Insulation Sheets

The most ingeniously simple way of adding shed insulation is Pushpak Thermoguard sheets. It is a tough, lightweight and flexible material for fast track projects. This is one of the mosteconomical methods of insulation and the best solution comparable to Sandwich Puff Roof panels. It has PPGI/PPGL sheet attached to PE foam having one-sided aluminium foil. Thermoguard sheet has the feature of shock absorption and vibration damping. It has reflective aluminium foil which reduces heat transfer by radiation which makes reliable enough under every plausible situation and it can easily deal with tropical temperatures as well as the frigid cold. Thermoguard profile roof sheets come with best-customised metal properties like thickness, GSM, Yield strength, etc.

Cost: The average price of insulated Metal Profile Sheets is ₹ 400/sqm.

    Insulated Sandwich Panels

A structural insulated panel (SIP), or structural insulating panel, crown-type overlapping joint used to provide excellent weatherproof cladding in the construction industry. Outward-facing profile overlaps the adjacent panel. Unique fitting arrangement of panels integrates joists and studs, insulation, vapor, and air barriers to prevent water leakage from the roof. Sandwich panels are structured of three separated composite elements, consisting of an insulating layer of rigid core sandwiched between two layers of structural board, used as a building versatile construction material that offers thermal & acoustic insulation properties to enhance the design and engineering properties. These panels provide excellent insulation while lightweight, fire-resistant and extremely tough offer an easy-to-erect solution, these panels are popularly demanded by Pharma, Electronics, Precision machining, Paint shops.

Cost: The average price of insulated sandwich panels is ₹ 800/sqm.

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