Metal Floor Decking Sheets manufacturer

Steel Decking Sheets manufacturer

Pushpak Infrastructure is the best steel decking sheets manufacturer Company in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We provide a huge collection of steel decking sheets manufacturer all over India at competitive prices. Steel decking sheets manufacturer is covered with galvanized steel sheets, which can be used as a structural platform for flooring and roofing system. Their structural designs and excellent strength allow for large span and strong building design. Using these steel decking sheets manufacturer not only helps in the cutting of the building but also helps in making significant savings on the material labor costs and maintenance costs. Steel decking sheets manufacturer is used extensively for roofing and flooring to provide proper support for gravity loads between joints and beams. After being firmly established, these steel decking sheets manufacturer can give good support as a horizontal brace and as a result, the steel deck acts as a diaphragm. The fluted deck is similar to the web of a horizontal beam in which the flanges are the external structural members connected to the deck. The duration of that horizontal beam is estimated along the distance between the vertical lateral load resistance systems which connects to the deck.

Advantages of steel decking sheets manufacturer:-

  • Versatile talent: steel decking sheets manufacturer is available in hardened with different material thickness, which makes these excellent choices for a wide range of projects and structural designs.
  • Structural strength with low weight: The properties of steel provide maximum efficiency in the whole design and construction of the steel decking sheets, resulting in high power-to-weight ratio products. As a result, the cost of distribution, construction, and structural preparation can be lower than other systems.
  • Attractive appearance: Although steel deck is primarily a structural component, it is aesthetically attractive when exposed to other applications. With the specified factory and field coatings, maintaining steel decking sheets is easy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • All Weather Construction: The steel decking sheets manufacturer can be built mostly in the weather conditions, which can end the cost of other types of floor and roofing systems.
  • Uniform Quality: Built using advanced engineering techniques and sophisticated production techniques, these steel decking sheets are in accordance with the specified standards.
  • Sustained durability: These steel decking sheets manufacturer continues for long periods without damaged or degraded.
  • Economy and value: Price meets with initial costs, life-cycle costs, and overall performance. Steel deck assemblies in floor and roof design are of better value. These steel decking sheets manufacturer is the best combination of the lowest cost with great performance.

Applications of Metal Decking Sheets:

  • Skyscrapers
  • Power Plant construction
  • Commercial buildings
  • Mezzanine flooring for manufacturing buildings and warehouses
  • Household purpose

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